Kamis, 25 November 2010

Personal invitation from Muhammad arifin

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E-mail sent 11/25/2010 7:58:33 PM, by Muhammad arifin:
Personal invitation from Muhammad arifin


Berteman dengan banyak orang sangat menyenangkan, dan berpeluang memperbesar rejeki...

Social media adalah salah satu jalanya, gabung ya... :)


Finally, a smart and simple way to manage your contacts!

With UNYK, I put all my contacts together in one address book that is automatically updated. One of my contacts changes his or her information at UNYK.com: My address book is updated. I change information at UNYK.com: My contacts' address books are updated. Simple, but life-changing!

Can I add you as one of my contacts? To accept, click here!

You too can create your own smart address book.

Muhammad arifin
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